Bug Off
May 13, 2019

6 Hacks to Keep Pests from Moving into Your New Apartment

Springtime is a time of renewal, growing, and changes – a perfect time to move to that larger apartment or townhome. But springtime also brings blooming flowers and trees, grass growing, and bugs. So how do you keep pests from moving with you into your new apartment?

Here are six hacks, beyond bugspray and traps, to help prevent pesky pests from invading your new home:

  1. Be sure the entire apartment is clean, especially the kitchen. Don’t move anything in until the cleaning is done. Wipe out the cupboards before filling the shelves with your dishes, canned goods, and cereal.
  2. While you’re looking in the cupboards, check for any signs of water leaks as well as evidence that any pest has been there already.
  3. Take a good look at your windows. There should be screens for every window that opens. Check for tears or holes in the screening. If your apartment has windowsills, they should be clean and any cracks sealed. You shouldn’t be able to see daylight between the sill and the window frame.
  4. Check your doors to the outside the same way you did the windows. Make sure the thresholds are in good repair. You shouldn’t be able to see daylight between the door and threshold.
  5. Be selective in the way you choose to transport your belongings from your old apartment to your new one. Will your furnishings be exposed to the outside air, stacked in the back of your friend’s pickup truck? Are you moving anything from storage? Be vigilant as you unpack to be sure there weren’t any unwanted travelers.
  6. That nice chair you just bought at the flea market to go in the corner of your new living room? Check it over thoroughly – including removing the cushions – before you move it into your apartment. Hopefully the only thing you’ll find is some pocket change.

Know who is responsible for pest control before signing your rental lease. If you find any cracks, leaks, or other pathways for pests, contact the landlord right away so repairs can be made. After all, the only living things inhabiting your apartment should be those you have invited!

Written By Melanie Olsen