Make Your Small Space WORK
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Make Your Small Space WORK

Apr 18, 2019

It’s always been your dream, to be your own boss. Or maybe you finally landed that job working remotely. Just the thought of not having to fight the traffic, or deal with driving in snow and ice, reduces your stress. The downside? Your apartment is really small. You’re not sure where you’ll find the space to have an office.

One key element for working successfully at home, no matter what size apartment you have, is planning your office space so you can “open” and “close.” If your desk is always there, in sight, it won’t be long and you’ll start to feel like you’re always at work. And that isn’t why you chose to work from home.

With a studio or one-bedroom apartment, you’ll have to get creative in carving out a space for a home office. Add adjustable shelving to a nook, cubbyhole, or even a closet to make a workspace that can be quickly cleared and put away in a drawer when you’re done working. Keep a framed picture or two to decorate the shelf and make the transformation back to your living space at the end of the day.

If your apartment is big enough to have a spare bedroom, this can make an ideal home office. But a bedroom can be uninspiring when it comes to working productively. After all, it is a place meant for sleep! For extra room, replace the bed with a futon or daybed. Or remove it altogether. Set up your desk so you get the most natural light. Position your workspace to give the illusion you are working in an office. Remember to pull the door shut when you’re “closed.”

For the ultimate in flexibility, keep your “office” in a tote bag that you can easily pull out to work, then repack to put away and be closed for the day. This is a great solution if the only dedicated workspace you have is the kitchen table. It also works if you want to work while traveling, or if you just want to get out of the house for a bit.

It can take more discipline than you anticipated to work from home. Be open for business, and closed when the day is done. Stay true to your reasons for making this choice and you will find the success and satisfaction you have been searching for.

Written By Melanie Olsen