Decorating Your Rental Apartment
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Decorating Your Rental Apartment

Aug 09, 2019

You’ve been smart about your rent budget and finally found that perfectly located, affordable, apartment. Now you want it to look like the luxury apartment that is your ultimate goal!

Here are 7 hacks for accomplishing the look you want while staying within your budget, and building your style:

  1. Towels are often the first place that new colors are introduced to the consumer. Changing or adding towels, in both your kitchen and bathrooms, can be cost effective, add color, and keep you on trend.
  2. Your kitchen will look stylish with countertops clear of clutter. Add some color, and maybe even whimsy, by picking up a fun pitcher at a secondhand shop to hold your cooking utensils, keeping them organized and handy. You might even feel like entertaining to show off your new apartment!
  3. Pillows are easy to pick up for just a bit of money and stay on trend at the same time. They not only add color but incorporate texture as well. Plus, they’re easy to pack when it’s time to move.
  4. Don’t like the carpet? Maybe it’s worn. Or a nasty shade of green. Not to worry. Just put a rug over the area. Sometimes a runner can be enough to draw attention away from the problem carpet. Some creativity arranging your furniture can finish the look.
  5. Create a new traffic pattern by using a little feng shui in your home. Place chairs, or the couch, at an angle rather than against the wall.
  6. What do you do about the oddly placed window that looks right into your nosy neighbor’s apartment? Hang a beautiful tapestry or piece of art over it to cover it up. And save your privacy! (Be careful that you don’t cause any damage that could affect the return of your security deposit, though.)
  7. As a renter, your decorating should be removable – and movable. So, don’t be afraid to invest in a piece of furniture or art that you really, really love. Make it a focal point that brings you the most joy when you look at it. And then move it with you when you upgrade to that amazing luxury apartment!

Remember that diversion, or illusion, can be your best friend when decorating your apartment on a budget. Even if you’re only fooling yourself, it can make your time at home more enjoyable!

Written by Melanie Olsen