The Value of Vaulted Ceilings
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The Value of Vaulted Ceilings

May 19, 2019

What should you look for when you’re searching for your next townhome? Something that looks more like a “traditional” apartment? Or, are you ready to have more “wow” in your surroundings so it feels more like a home instead of a rental?

One feature that can give some “wow” power, is vaulted ceilings. But there are things to consider before just renting a place for the looks.

Here are 8 things to contemplate about renting a townhome with vaulted ceilings:

  1. Are you someone who wants a small rental, without the feeling of being small? A space with higher ceilings gives the illusion of being larger.
  2. Rooms with vaulted ceilings are easier to keep cool in the summer than lower ceiling styles of rooms. But, since there is actually more space than in a non-vaulted room, it will still cost more in the summer to keep cool.
  3. Your cold weather energy costs will likely be more with a vaulted ceiling. Not only is the hot air hanging around at the top of your ceiling instead of down by you, where you want it, there is less space above the ceiling for insulation.
  4. If there aren’t any ceiling fans, talk to your landlord about it before signing the lease. Having a fan in your high ceiling rooms can help push the hot air down in the winter and pull it up in the summer.
  5. Since vaulted ceilings are more expensive to build, be prepared for the higher cost to be passed on to you in the form of higher rent.
  6. Which rooms in the townhome have high ceilings? Make sure they’re the rooms you want to feel spacious and open. You may prefer to have your kitchen vaulted, but not your bedroom. Vaulted ceilings in the bathrooms are efficient, since you want the hot air to rise in that room.
  7. Often there are high windows to go along with higher ceilings. Do they face south for good passive heat? Are window coverings included in the rent?
  8. Consider the type of furnishings you already own. Would they add to the drama of a vaulted ceiling, or would they look small and insignificant? If you’ll need new furniture, add that to your budget.

On your search for the perfect townhouse, keep these details in mind to help with your overall plan. Townhomes with vaulted ceilings do add interest, creating vertical space. You’ll need to determine just how much that matters to you.

Whether you want to enjoy your surroundings when you get home from a tough day at work, or want to have a few people over for wine and cheese, considering all of these vaulted ceiling questions will help you decide what you’re willing to pay for.


Written by Melanie Olsen