Managed Apartments- A Good Thing?
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Managed Apartments- A Good Thing?

Dec 26, 2019

When you're on the search for a new apartment, an amenity to consider is on-site property management.

Managed Apartments- A Good Thing?


When you’re on the search for a new apartment, an amenity to consider is on-site property management. Not just for luxury apartment living, having employees of the landlord working, and even living, on the rental property gives you 24/7 access to problem solving of every sort.

Here are some pro’s and con’s to think about to see if a managed apartment is the best choice for you:


  • A property manager’s job is to represent the landlord, and also to protect the rental property. A good manager will help keep the property safe and secure, which in turn means you and your personal property should be safe and secure.
  • If you have an issue, whether it’s with a leaky faucet, your parking space, or noisy neighbors, having someone to speak to face-to-face can resolve things more quickly. Managed properties are typically larger in size so you won’t be the only renter asking for things. You still may have to wait for results.
  • If you’re a good renter, the property manager can be your advocate to the landlord if you want to be on the list for that premium apartment. You’re not just a name who pays the rent on time, now you can be seen as that responsible person who really does care about the apartment you live in and keeps it nice. And doesn’t make unnecessary requests, or demands, for maintenance.
  • If you choose a pet friendly apartment complex, an on-site manager can be a Godsend. You won’t be the only one waking up in the night to that barking dog! The on-site manager will hear it, too, and can address it with your neighbor as it happens, saving you from being the complaining neighbor.
  • If you have issues with your property manager, they are employees so you can discuss any bad behaviors or disappointments with the landlord. The owner wants satisfied renters, so your input should matter.
  • The good thing is that someone is always there. If your water heater goes out, there is someone right there to handle it. And, the bad thing is that someone is always there. If it’s important to you to live independently, having an on-site manager can sometimes feel like an invasion of privacy, with eyes and ears constantly watching and listening.


Finally, be sure to check the reputation of the property manager as thoroughly as you do the landlord. They should be working as a team to provide a safe, well-maintained apartment living experience for you. Ask around and make sure that is the case. And if it is, tell them that is why you’re choosing to rent from them. If your research shows otherwise, avoid potential problems, and keep looking for the place that deserves your hard-earned rent money.

Written by Melanie Olsen